Meet the Head Over Heels Gang

Keep a look out for them when you’re at the Chorlton Play Centre or the Wilmslow North Play Arena. They may pop up on the wall, help you find your way around, tell you about a special offer or something really cool. They’re a friendly bunch who look forward to seeing you and making your visit even more full of fun.

Eva is a real Diva. She loves performing – singing, dancing and generally “showing off”.

She’s called Cuddles because she’s so lovely and cuddly.

You’ll never see Botan without his skateboard that’s why he’s called Botan the boarder and he’s always learning new tricks to impress everyone.

He’s called Squeezy because he’s always squeezing into places he shouldn’t really go – especially if there’s food around.

No prizes for guessing why he’s called Hairy – but as well as being covered in hair he’s always giving people frights with his hair- raising tricks.

Our play centres are inspected by RoSPA annually and many of our employees have also been trained by RoSPA. We want all of our visitors to have an enjoyable time at Head Over Heels, that’s why we politely ask everyone to follow our Play Fair Policy. Thank you.