It’s better for us all when everyone plays by the rules

Our rules of play aren’t in place to stop children having fun, quite the opposite, they are put in place to ensure the safety and well-being of those using our Play Centre and Play Arena. We take it very seriously when people choose to ignore these rules and in extreme cases it may result in you and your child being requested to leave the premises.

Play Fair –for the safety of all children please read these rules carefully and ensure your children follow them when visiting the play centre or arena.

  • Maximum height for children using the play structures is 1.45m (4’9”).
  • Age three and under only in the toddler area and under 10s on the play frame.
  • Parents/guardians must supervise children at all times –Head Over Heels staff are not provided to supervise children.
  • Children under the age of four may use the main play frame if accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Children must wear socks or tights. Shoes must not be worn on the play area.
  • No food, drinks, sweets or chewing gum to be taken into the play area.
  • Only food and drink purchased on the premises may be consumed on the premises.
  • Personal items must be left with the parent/guardian.
  • Head Over Heels cannot accept liability for any personal property.
  • In the event you have a problem, talk to the manager or a member of staff.
  • Children who are unwell must not use the facilities.
  • Children should use the toilet if required and ensure they wash their hands before entering the play area.
  • No sharp objects,pens,buckles,jewellery,money,etc. to be taken into the play area.
  • It is forbidden to climb on the netting.
  • Please do not play in front of slide exits.
  • Fighting or bullying will not be tolerated. Good behaviour is expected at all times.
  • Balls or other objects must not be thrown at each other.
  • Clothes with cords and ropes should not be worn in the play area

Our play centres are inspected by RoSPA annually and many of our employees have also been trained by RoSPA. We want all of our visitors to have an enjoyable time at Head Over Heels, that’s why we politely ask everyone to follow our Play Fair Policy. Thank you.